The $1 Per Fish Rule

Fishing a creek in Utah back in late January. I have indeed "paid off" the Mizuchi.
Fishing a creek in Utah back in late January. I have indeed “paid off” the Mizuchi.

I don’t remember if it was in a comment on one of my videos or through a direct message conversation we had, but GoFishSD on YouTube told me how he justifies buying a new rod:

When he’s caught 1 fish per $1 spent on a rod, he can buy a new one.

I think this is a great idea! Some of my rods (like my Dragontail Mizuchi and Zen Tenkara Suzume, for example) have definitely been “paid off” in that regard. Others, like the $266 Tanuki XL-1, which I’ve caught maybe 25 fish on, still have a ways to go.

I don’t think this is going to change my rod buying habits any, but it’s fun to think about. And if you’re looking for a way to justify or not justify your rod purchases, this is one way to do it!

How many of your rods have you “paid off” with fish? Leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “The $1 Per Fish Rule”

  1. Haha! That is good!! I doubt most of my rods have paid for themselves in this manner.
    My first thought was if it inspires me to get outside it’s paid for itself.
    Okay, that’s a lie. It was my 2nd thought …my first was no, they aint…..
    The Tug is the Drug…..Tight Lines!

  2. None yet , started around 8 mos. ago and purchased 2 , the Mizuchi and Mutant. Lot of fishing to do.

  3. Australia has about a tenth the fish density in its streams compared to the U.S.
    So I should be able to pay off my Mizuchi about the same time as I clear the mortgage on my house!

  4. I have over 100 rods for Alaska down to my smallest TenKara rods, so I guess I had better ramp up my fishing. Caught my first fish in 1952, my Dad loved to fish and instilled that love me. I love all you do> I have been tying flies with all the flavors of yarn I was able to get from you. Keep up the GREAT job, i enjoy and look forward to all your posts and videos

  5. I’m a F.LF (fixed line fisher warm water my El cheapo BLUE$7.!00 25 lovely seeds gills big greenies first time out
    So me in da black yeah mon

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