Modified Utah Killer Kebari (Tenkara Fly)

It’s a basically a Utah Killer Bug (UKB) with a soft hackle, though I tie the UKB a bit differently than it’s supposed to be tied. Because of that, I sometimes refer to this fly as a modified Utah Killer Bug with a soft hackle. I fish it both weighted and unweighted.

Here’s a picture of the Utah Killer Kebari I tie:

Utah Killer Kebari fly
Utah Killer Kebari. Click the image to see the larger version.

Note that I am not a professional or even long-time fly tyer. My flies don’t look pretty, but they work.

I tie it on a size 12 dry hook. I’ll eventually have step-by-step pictures and a video on how to tie this fly. Until then, here are the steps for how I tie this fly.

  1. Wrap the straight part of the hook with red thread.
  2. If adding weight, tie in the end of some wire (I use medium copper fly tying wire) and make 6 wraps with the wire around the straight part of the hook. These days, I tie this fly without weight.
  3. Use the thread to tie in some Utah Killer Bug yarn (Shetland Spindrift Oyster). Wrap the yarn several times around the hook shank, starting at the curved end and working your way up toward the eye. Stop a short distance before the eye of the hook and tie off the yarn with the thread.
  4. Use the thread to tie in a soft hackle. I use this in black.
  5. Use the thread to tie a little red head on the fly, and finish it off with a couple of whip finishes.

If that doesn’t make sense, just watch the Utah Killer Bug video that I link to above and tie a soft hackle into it before you finish it off.