Modifications to My Handy Pak Net

I love my medium Measure Net. It’s the perfect tenkara landing net aside from one thing—it’s not packable. I’m gearing up for a weeklong backpacking and fishing trip in a week or so, and I wanted a net that was not only lighter than by beloved Measure Net but that also could pack down to keep the overall bulk of my backpack to a minimum.

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Tenkara Line Card Trick (Double the Storage)

I like to use these tenkara line cards from DragonTail Tenkara to hold/store my level lines. They’re cheap, light, and take up very little space. They’re sold as holding a single level line (as shown in the pictures at the link above), but I use each one to hold two. I fold down every other one of the little plastic tabs on the card.

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We Moved! What It Means for My Tenkara Fishing

My wife and I just moved from Pocatello, Idaho, to Rexburg, Idaho, for my wife’s schooling. Both cities are in eastern Idaho, and they’re about an hour and fifteen minutes apart. Not a big move, but I thought it would be interesting to talk a little bit about what the move will mean for my tenkara videos and my fishing in general.

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My Preferred Tenkara Line Holders

I don’t like the Nirvana line holder for my regular level line storage (I prefer the thinner line cards when I’m storing the lines), but the Nirvana line holder is my favorite method of on-the-rod line storage (something I don’t think is even mentioned on the Dragontail site above). Like when moving from fishing spot to fishing spot or when I collapse the rod to bushwhack through brush, for example.

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2019 Wrap-Up and 2020 Fishing Plans

My 2019 was ridiculous from a fishing standpoint. I started fishing in October 2018, so this was my first full year at it. I fished 100+ days and caught fish on 95 of those days in each of the 12 months. I landed 753 fish, the majority being wild trout in small mountain streams. I caught browns, rainbows, 5 or so subspecies of cutthroats, bull trout, redbands, bookies, and goldens.

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